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A newsletter can be a great way of keeping clients and professional associates up to date with what’s going on with your business. With so many companies now putting out newsletters, it can be easy for businesses to become just another piece of junk mail in a client’s inbox. Putting together an engaging newsletter may seem like a difficult time-consuming task, but with a few helpful tips and resources, you should have all the information you need to start crafting something that will spark the interest of any recipient. 

Step one: Set up the newsletter.

A few years ago, you likely would’ve had to hire a website designer or marketing agency (like ours!) to put together a professional newsletter. Today though, that’s no longer really necessary. Similar to how there are custom easy to use website builders, like Wix and Squarespace, there are pre-made newsletter templates available through companies like Litmus for free and Mailchimp for a monthly fee. These services offer easy, drag-and-drop features that allow business owners to design newsletters how they see fit. Some of the more expensive services, like Mailchimp, even offer real time analytics, so users can gauge how receivers are engaging, whether it be how many emails are being opened or what links are being clicked on.

Step two: Content planning

Once you decide how you want your newsletter to look, it’s time to figure out what you actually want to put in it. Now obviously, the main point of the newsletter is to advertise for your company but if that’s all it is, your emails will likely wind up in the junk bin. It may be helpful to think of your newsletter like your company’s own little newspaper. This may come as a surprise, but the majority of a newspaper’s profits don’t come from newspaper sales. They come from selling ad-space. With that said, a newspaper can’t just be ads. It has to have engaging stories and eye-catching headlines. It’s the same with newsletters. The ads may be the main point but that’s not what gets people reading.

A good newsletter will grab a recipient’s attention with an interesting subject-line and keep them reading with custom-made content. That content can be anything from industry news, just useful tips and tricks (like this article), or short promotional videos. Anything that you deem useful to your industry, business, and audience. As with anything, it’s important to strike a good middle ground with the amount of content you include. Your recipients are busy people and may only have a few moments to browse the newsletter. 

Step three: newsletter maintenance 

Finally, once your newsletter is up and running, it is essential that you maintain a set schedule and level of professional quality. Many newsletters start out great but soon take a dip as owners get invested in other matters. That’s where The Miner Agency comes in handy. We are capable of solving the solution of “not enough time” by creating weekly content and maintain your newsletter’s quality so that you can focus on running your business. A professional newsletter serves as a regular reminder to clients that your services are available. Being top of mind helps when consumers are making financial decisions.

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