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Social media is a prime tool for small businesses. It can increase your internet presence and lead to your business coming up higher on google searches. Facebook is an excellent platform for developing a social media presence; it’s well established and is the largest social media platform worldwide. Unlike Twitter, Facebook is optimal for sharing in-depth content through videos, images, and complete business pages. It is important to know which platform you should utilize for your organization’s needs. Facebook can be a free and effective marketing tool for your business by keeping a few tips in mind.

Personalizing your vanity URL instead of keeping the one automatically created when you first sign up can help your page be found within the app, strengthening overall findability in search engines. Luckily creating a custom URL is super simple. First, navigate to your business page and select “Create Page @Username,” which will be found on the left side of the page. Then you can create your URL if it is available.

While this next tip may seem like common sense, it can be easy to forget about, keep all information complete and up-to-date. Any missing information can come off as unprofessional and may prevent your audience from fully engaging with your content. It is also really easy to forget to update essential details like phone number changes, but incorrect information can significantly detriment your business. Potential customers need to be able to contact your company, or they will quickly find someone else. The “About Us” section should also hold key information such as hours of operation, location, services, and values. Your audience should get a sense of who and what your company is about when they read this. Adding the link to your website in the description can also be beneficial by increasing traffic to your site.

Aesthetics are not everything, but it can boost your profile if everything is united under a theme that people can recall. This can look like using a specific color scheme, logo, or mascot to distinguish your company’s page from the rest. If your organization is present on multiple social media platforms, it is best to coordinate their visuals to make up one cohesive picture.

Lastly, we have keywords. Keep it simple and straight to the point when you are deciding what keywords you want to include throughout your page. They should be words that can be used to describe your company in the page title, URL, and “About Us” and that don’t seem forced. By keeping your keywords to a minimum, you can better target your audience by appearing in the most relevant searches.

Facebook pages can often serve in place for a website for small businesses, and they can be a great tool to spread the word of your brand when you know how to use it to its full potential. The Miner Agency is here for any social media and creative services to help kickstart your social media presence or get your account out of a slow spell.