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Have you ever wondered why your company’s Instagram page hasn’t taken off yet? But your Facebook account is reaching a few hundred people a week? This could be due to something called generational marketing.  

We recently conducted a small survey of 200 high school students. We found that 79.5% of those surveyed regularly used Instagram, but only 28% reported periodically using Facebook. It is clear that different generations use social media very differently, and understanding this is the cornerstone of having effective marketing campaigns. 

There are three main generations to focus on in generational marketing; Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. The first step is knowing your target audience to effectively apply generational marketing techniques to spread awareness of your brand. 

A significant component of generational marketing is understanding how the age group grew up; what are their likes and dislikes? Generation X are much more tech-savvy than their Baby Boomer elders but did not grow up in the age of online shopping like Millennials, and Gen Z. One tried and true way to reach this generation is through email marketing. This generation constantly checks their email for work, family, and keeping up with their children’s extracurriculars, making email an easy way to get Gen X’s attention. Taking it old school and sending direct mail to Gen Xers can be another effective way to increase your customer pool. 86% of Gen Xers collect their mail every day, according to a study by InnoMedia, NuStates, and Vertus. The same study looked at retail mail readers and found that 68% of Gen X have used coupons they got in the mail. 

If your audience spreads across multiple generations, your marketing techniques will need to reflect the complexities of your customer base. This can get overwhelming pretty fast, especially for small businesses. The Miner Agency can take the headache out of curating the perfect marketing plan for all of your audience members.   

The Miner Agency uses social media and customer database analytics to build target audience portfolios. By having specific details about a company’s target audience, we can employ the most effective techniques to draw them to your company. Some ways we figure out marketing strategies include staying up to date with the techniques of competitors and utilizing social listening tools to always stay current on consumer sentiments.