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T’was a short time til New Year’s and in our swell shop
our crew of fun people were working non-stop.
To bring joy to our clients and quite a bit more,
like marketplace thriving and business galore.


We were all nestled down in our cubbies with tasks,
humming and singing despite wearing masks,
when all of a sudden through the front door,
came Santa and Rudolph who sullied the floor.


Where’s Chrissy?” yelled Santa with his eyes open wide,
I need marketing magic to stem a dark tide.”
“Why Santa, come in and we’ll lend an ear
we like listening first before getting in gear.”


“Okay,” sighed Kris Kringle, “the world’s in a fit
the joy of the season has taken a hit.
It’s Glumsville on Main Street, no cheer is at hand,
it’s a virus I tell you that’s sweeping the land.


“I’m counting on you guys to wage a campaign,
a full media blitz to bring hope back again —
a campaign that addresses folk’s worries and woe,
plus, I’d like to keep working and making some good dough.


Then Chrissy jumped up and threw open the sash
(whatever that is) and she called to the staff:
“On Dana, Tammy, Christina, Maddy, Sara, and Jada,
we’ve got to respond before it gets any lada,
Alex, Raigan, Dave and Camille ignore that last rhyme,
we’ve got to hop to it fast, there’s simply no time!”


And they tapped all their talents and worked with great speed-
and they strategized fiercely on all that they’d need.
They wrote copy that read like a writer on fire,
built websites with graphics designed to inspire.
And PR was a big thing—they created a blitz,
that moved millions as much as young Elvis’s hips.


And what should appear to lift up our hearts,
results that soared high on Google pie charts.
And out on the street we heard laughter and cheers,
people danced, sang and boogied like they hadn’t in years.
“You’ve done it,” yelled Santa, “I can’t thank you enough.
You Miners are Majors and you sure know your stuff.
And we heard him exclaim as he jumped in his Lyft,
“Bless your talent and kindness, it’s really a gift.”


Wishing all of you, from all of us, health and the wealth of knowing you’re loved.
Happiest of holidays from your jolly Miner Agency team.