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It does not matter if it is bank statements, car payments, groceries, clothes, or even medicine, the business world has moved online.

In an era of modern technology, featuring apps, websites, and social media, a well-designed digital storefront can be the difference between capitalistic success and catastrophe.

To keep up with ever-growing competition, a fully functional and easy-to-use website can be the most important part of keeping customers and keeping them happy.

The Miner Agency is poised to help your business create the digital storefront of your dreams, while making sure it is practical, modern, and easy to use.

But, how important is a quality digital storefront? We asked an expert in business herself, Robins Regional Chamber President and CEO April Bragg, who said a strong website makes all the difference.

“A professional, user-friendly website is essential for businesses in today’s environment. Whether consumers plan to purchase online, research your products and services, or are merely looking for contact information, they’re looking online first,” Bragg said when talking with The Miner Agency.

Bragg, a well-respected leader of the Robins Regional Chamber, has kept an eye on business in Middle Georgia for years and has seen the importance of a strong digital product.

“It’s important for your website to come up in the top results and lead them to a quality, easy-to-use website with the information they need to know.  In terms of functionality, I personally believe the most universal “must” for a website today is mobile responsiveness. Cell phone usage is at an all-time high, but ironically ‘making a phone call’ doesn’t even rank in the top reasons people use their phones. They’re using it to shop, browse, and pull information online either through their browser or an app,” Bragg emphasized.

And she’s right. 96 percent of Americans use and have a cellphone, according to Pew Research. They also found 81 percent of those are smartphones, up from 35 percent just nine years ago.

Not to mention, 92 percent of advertisers’ dream spending demographic of Americans aged 30-49 own a smartphone.

What does this mean for you? It means a good website is not all you need. You need intelligent web design, which transitions well to mobile browsers, strong social media, and, if applicable, a good app.

“If you want to be where the people are,” Bragg says, “you have to be online; and your website isn’t enough. Here in Middle Georgia we have a thousands of local business not only building brand awareness and relationships through social, but many have turned to social media to sell their products. Social selling for some area retailers is 3-4 times more than they sell through their website each month.  If I had one piece of advice for someone trying to grow their social presence, it’s this: be authentic,” Bragg added when asked about the importance of being where people are browsing.

To build it, you need a partner willing to listen. At The Miner Agency, we sit down with the customer in a discovery process. What are your goals and objectives? How can we align your goals with the appropriate avenues for the desired end product? Let us help you, be you online for your business.

Bragg gave some advice to business owners searching for the right content for their social pages.

“People want to engage, connect, and even buy from people, not pages.  Read that again. People buy from PEOPLE. Many times we let our pages do all of the talking. I challenge business owners make sure the page represents their authentic voice. And show your face, spotlight employees, customers, vendors, anybody! We are naturally wired to crave connection – now more than ever. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!” Bragg said.

The Miner Agency has multiple staff ready to create and maintain your social pages- everything from your website format and verbiage to creating and running your social media pages.

American and global consumers are already moved online. It’s not happening, it’s happened. You need to be there to meet them and give them quality options. The Miner Agency can help make it happen and showcase what you have to offer.


*CEO April Bragg and the Robins Regional Chamber were contacted for their input and expertise on the importance of digital storefronts and digital presence, especially locally. Their views and statements do not represent an endorsement of The Miner Agency, nor were they compensated for participating in this article.