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In the past five years, 7,076 businesses in various sectors experienced security breaches, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

In just October of 2020, the ITRC says there were 212 breaches, according to its online breach tracker.

The Organization also keeps track of an even more frightening number. Since 2005, it says 1.6 billion records have been exposed due to various security breaches.

Needless to say, cybersecurity is a crucial part of running a business in the modern age.

A look through ITRC’s cybersecurity blog shows a list of issues your business should be focused on in the digital storefront. Those topics include VPN security, phone and email scams, using public wifi, ransomware, social media scams, and the importance of a positive cybersecurity reputation in the eyes of your customers. 

So, what steps can you take?

  1. Use complex and difficult-to-guess passwords on business accounts, while also making sure to change them often. Large businesses and organizations like major universities, email services, and media corporations require frequent password changes and two-factor authentication tools.
  2. If it applies to your business account, it should apply to your business’ social media account. Make sure to use complex, difficult-to-guess passwords, limit whom on your staff has access to professional social media channels, monitor messages, inboxes, and page posts for any signs of scams or cyber intrusions. Never click unsolicited links or messages from your professional accounts or while on your business’ network.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Train your staff to be on the lookout for phishing emails, ransomware attacks, and other such intrusions. Also, you should make sure in-house email or communication platforms have up-to-date filters and firewalls. Some professional email services can also clearly show your employees which emails are coming from outside the business and could be risky.

These are just a few tips and tricks you can implement quickly and easily to increase your protection online.

Your business’ security and reputation are in your hands; make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your employees and customers when they trust you with valuable information.