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Here at The Miner Agency, we understand the uniquely difficult and complex challenge it is to run a business in a pandemic. So, how can we help make it easier for you and more importantly, financially beneficial?

Two of our three business pillars focus on public relations and strategic marketing. Together, those two areas of focus can vastly improve your reach and ability to bring people in, especially in the current pandemic.

In recent months, we’ve all checked our phones, called businesses, and read recent online reviews to see if our favorite places are still open. Even after you find your favorite business is open, you might still make a customer decision based on how they’re handling the current situation. So, let us help you get two stamps of approval.

One, you’re definitely open. Let us get the news out there. Two, you are ready to serve customers in a safe, reliable, and comfortable way no matter their individual perspective on the current climate. We can create videos, social media campaigns, press releases, and potential news stories based on your business’ professional, safe response to COVID-19.

With expertise in public relations and strategic marketing, we can work together to make sure the community and your customers know you are trustworthy, ready for business, and taking proper precautions. There is a lot of noise in the world right now both on traditional TV, as well as social media. We can cut through the noise, market your business directly to consumers, and highlight why they should feel comfortable coming to your establishment.

Everyone is looking for a return to some semblance of normal and it includes returning to their favorite spots, which might include yours. Let us facilitate their return to you, with you.

Together, we can help you soar above the 2020 noise to new heights as the Central Georgia community yearns for familiar, welcoming faces. Let us do the work for you, so you can focus on safely running your business.