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Hi there and you’re right: there are a bunch of mistakes in that headline, though I’m not sure there are 9 of them. However, if you want to be more contented with your website content, I suggest we go beyond misspellings, to more serious things to consider, including:

Innocuous headlines.

Here we’re talking about two things: 1) Headlines that are less than captivating.  2) Missed opportunities in content on website headers. For example, the headline for the “About Us” page literally says, “About Us” and nothing more. What about a header that gets the name of the business up there in lights, a brand distinction, and some SEO while we’re at it?  An example would be, “About the Major Distinctions of The Miner Agency.”

Too much “Me, Me, Me,” not enough “You, you, you!”

On their home page, a lot of businesses start out talking about how great their firm is, how many years they’ve been in business, the awards they’ve won and blah blah, lah, de, dah.  It’s a constant chorus of “me, me, me,” versus the tune you need to be singing, which is “you, you, you.” If you want to engage your valued visitor from the start talk directly to them using the second person first and always.

Using “you” definitely requires walking in your prospective customer’s shoes, even if they’re size triple E. In your content, you should start speaking to some of the actual challenges, pains, concerns and stress, that your prospective customer may be experiencing. Give that about 60-words, then transition to how your company was built to solve those precise problems and do so “uniquely.” Distinction is the goal here, as in Leo Burnett’s USP, (Unique Split Personality) (only kidding), Unique Selling Proposition.

Contact Us Barriers:

On your Contact Us page and on the business landing page, don’t make people fill out a long form to contact you and sign up for an offer. Do you really need to know their mother’s maiden name, or more seriously, their home phone number versus their cell phone number? Why would you need a landline number? Someone please respond AND explain what a landline is, anyway. Bottom line, just get the facts, Jack. Ask for their name, email address, street address, state, zip, and phone number.

No phone number on your Search Engine page.

How many times have you visited a website and had to search for a phone number? Sometimes, there isn’t a phone number anywhere and you have to fill out a form in order to connect with “customer disservice.” Let people know the number to call to speak with a human.

I love it when I see the phone number displayed in big numbers at the top of every page, at the bottom of the page, in a call-to-action copy. Tell your web developer, (The Miner Agency, hopefully), that you want the number to appear in your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), a.k.a. the page that appears when someone Googles you specifically or your industry type. Your number should appear above your meta-tag description on the SERP, especially if you are a contractor offering emergency services. For example, “Flushed with Pride Emergency Plumbing. 90-minute response. Call 847-902-6562 now!”

Don’t date yourself.

Here, we are not talking about going on Bumble or Match.  We’re talking about putting the actual date on your blogs or other pieces that can reveal how long that content has been hanging around. You don’t want to appear or feel stale like the Italian bread I get down the street. You want your content to sound and feel contemporary– fresh, au currant, which has nothing to do with being in a boat. Why put a date on published material at all?

Cheesy Stock Photos.

So, you’re a law firm. How about a picture of a gavel or the scale of justice on your home page?  Or consider the favorite of a pile of law books, except no firm has hardcover books anymore? How about something that isn’t 100% expected? Put some thought into your photo choices – search I-stock or another photo image base and if you need to, spend $20.00 on a photo or illustration.

Don’t Have a Testimonial Tab in Your Navigation.

Your potential customers will not visit this page… ever! In my rarely humble opinion, it’s better to scatter testimonials on pages throughout your site.

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