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In the age of data collection and social media domination, effective leveraging of these tools can change up-and-coming businesses’ trajectory or breathe new life into an established institution. Navigating the digital world can be confusing and challenging, but here are some essential tips and tricks that can help you grow your company’s media presence. 

  • Know Your Target Audience 

What are you trying to sell? And who are you trying to sell it to? Narrowing down your target audience can help streamline your marketing efforts and make them more useful. For example, if your business sells ethically-sourced reusable cloth diapers, your target audience would be very different from someone in the fast fashion industry, so your advertising must reflect that difference.

When conducting audience research, some things to keep in mind include; age, gender, location, spending habits, and interests. An excellent place to start researching your target audience is by analyzing your current customer base; what do they have in common? 

It is important to not bombard customers with questions at the checkout stage of a purchase because it can quickly cause patrons to abandon your site. Instead, try sending out optional surveys after the transaction has gone through, and keep it short and straightforward. Try not to ask questions that can be answered through social media analytics, which is the next step to improving your social media usage. 

  • Learn How to Find Your Target Audience

Knowing what social media sites your target audience frequents and at what time of day can maximize your marketing efforts. Figuring this out can be tricky, and this is where data collection comes in handy. The first place to start if your business already has a social media presence is by downloading all the platform analytics and looking for commonalities and discrepancies. What do all these people have in common? Who is purchasing from your website vs. who just looks around? How long are people staying on your site? Are certain things getting more attention than others? By asking questions like these, you can develop a cohesive image of the people who visit your social media and website, and you can use this information to see what marketing tools are working and what isn’t. It is vital to be open to changing things constantly because what may work at one time may not always be effective. Learning how to continually adapt to your target audience is key to maximizing your business’s exposure. 

  • Tell A Story 

There are a few key concepts to keep in mind when you are developing your ads,

social media feed, website, or anything that prompts your product or service. Social media aims to help raise awareness and interest in your brand, and the right content is the cornerstone. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want visitors to get out of your post. This is your message. If you are not sure if you are conveying your message clearly, ask someone outside of the marketing team what they think when they look at your post. If they don’t respond with the post’s goal, then it’s time to think of something new. For example, suppose your goal with a particular post is to tell potential customers about a new product to test the soil’s nitrogen content. In that case, you want your customers to know the purpose of the product and some details on what it is and how it works. A successful advertisement will explain the benefit of buying the product/ service and pique the interest of potential patrons. By getting the attention of visitors, you prompt them to look more deeply into your business and thus increase the likelihood of them returning and buying something. It is pertinent to remember that when using social media, you are trying to increase traffic to your main site and bring in new customers. Through careful planning, you can grow your business base just by using social media. 

Trying to manage a business and social media operations can be stressful and overwhelming. This is when the Miner Agency can step in. The Miner Agency provides a wide array of services to businesses, including creative services. We work with partners to create effective advertising, graphic designs, web and brand development, social media campaigns, and so much more. 

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