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Marketing and advertising work closely together in the marketplace and often get confused, but they are two very different processes. Marketing is a process of communication, exchange of information, understanding of customers, and meeting customers’ needs and wants to buy a product or service. Advertising is a way of making a sale; it is the paid, public, non-personal message conveyed through mass media. It’s a way of reaching a target audience with a message that makes them want to spend money on your product or service. Marketing is a long-term strategy. It’s how we build a brand and a company. Advertising is a short-term strategy. It’s how we decide to sell a product or service. Marketing makes the brand. Advertising sells the product.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of promoting, selling, and distributing goods and services to consumers. It is also a skill that includes understanding customers, knowing how to meet their needs, and managing any business activity that involves customers or potential customers. There are two significant types of marketing, business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). The difference between them is who our marketing efforts are directed toward. Marketing is an ever-complex process, especially with the constant evolution of technology and consumer sentiment. The domination of technology in society has led to several different marketing strategies: digital marketing, social media marketing, global marketing, relationship marketing, brand management, product development, and even societal marketing. All to target your desired audience and create potential customers. 

What is advertising? 

Advertising is an integral part of marketing. It can be very in your face or so subtle you might not even realize it’s an ad. The goal of advertising is to influence a target audience’s thinking. Maybe the goal is to raise awareness about a topic, sell a product or service, or simply establish a brand-consumer relationship. An organization achieves this by placing its messaging in places for people to engage with it. Figuring out where to advertise and who to advertise to is where marketing comes into play. People are constantly consuming media, which opens many opportunities for advertisements, just as it expands potential marketing strategies. Traditional advertising such as print and broadcast media, retail advertising, mobile, online, outdoor, and pay-per-click advertising all hope to influence the viewer’s behavior. 

Marketing and advertising are inseparable, we need marketing to build the company’s reputation, and then advertising goes out and tells people what they need that a company can provide. Understanding the two is crucial for developing a consistent patron base and growing your business. There is a lot of information and strategy development involved in curating and implementing a marketing plan. Contact The Miner Agency to streamline your marketing strategy and maximize your sales.